May 29th, 2019

[PV] Sexy Zone Nakajima Kento - Because of 愛

Hello! Long time no see! The first thing that make me want to 'comeback' was when facebook and instagram was getting down because there's many chaos in social media in my country due president election www. So the only one I could scroll was Twitter.
Saw Kento makes me nostalgic. Though Sou is not with us anyway. I know it's hard to became an idol, or something like that.
But no matter, it's his choice.
No need to sad, so Sou won't sad. :')

Anw, Kento has released new solo PV in his Kentea Time Janiweb page, here it is:

Don't forget to add your comment before download.!!oQIEXIgY!49MfVQMLlKvf2jQv2uVP1-0lNTVN4B2vPPDSn1a8wuc