[Indonesia Sub] Guard Center 24 SP Drama 2016 (English Sub: Hyuuzu)

Hello! Meet with me, jigokuheaven.
Well, finally I finished this project www
Since there's no good quality video *both picture quality or the timing, so I only can upload this by today lol
It presents first for Indonesian fans^^
I will add the English sub here soon, please wait patiently^^ hyuuzu6918 still translating them to English ^^
Well, let's see the preview. I love his role as oldest brother of the family. Mamo-niichan here!!
*Genki appeared here too, but he's cooking in the kitchen *Genki's role is like a mom of the family here lols

You must be waiting for the link, right?? Here~~
but wait! Don't forget to add your comment here before taking.
That's my rule www

RAW (.mp4, 720p, 411 MB. cr: furransu/jdramacity): MEGA
Softsub (Indonesia/Bahasa Version .ssa): MEGA


Friends Adding Back

Hello everyone!

Well, actually it's more than 3 years I'm active in this journal but I never introduce myself www.

My name is P, from Indonesia. I know JE first at 2005, when I saw MatsuJun at Gokusen, and Became Arashi fans *and other JE group* after that. Then I'm hiatus at 2009 till 2011 because I've attracted to 48 groups, till I know SZ at November 2011. Well, that attracts me first is Fumaken, because I've not see them from long times and then got debuted with chibis (Shori, Sou and Marius, lol).
What impressed me at that time is "why their face became adult and why Kento became so stunting like that?! I love you so much when you're in bishadow! But why you suddenly like this now?!"*lol =))
so I've fallen in love with Mari then *Well just throw away me, lol*

Stop blabbering wwww 8))

What I just want to tell you is *focus*
Start from today till this saturday,
I will add you back as your friend!

Please introduce yourself in the comments, tell me your name, age, where do you come from, and your experience to be a JE fangirl *whatever is ok*

It not just I don't want to became your friends before this, but... I can't remembering your name till u introduce yourself to me.
I really want to have many of friend of SZ fans >< *and of course, all JE fandom too, but no HSJ please*dont ask me, I just don't have interest in hsj wwww.
So, please make friends with me^^
Thank youuuuu😘

[PV+Making] 嵐 - Power of the Paradise (720p/520p]

Hello everyone! Happy 5x17 to our beloved Arashi TAT
I got greeting message from dini-obaachan, riza nee and zhachan in Ohmiya troops line group
make me little cried after that ;3;
Even they said because there's Arashi so we can meet each others TAT

Well,it's my first time to share about Arashi without SZ inside this XDD
*sorry that I'm always only update about SZ *cough*
eventhough I knew JE because Arashi *especially MatsuJun*lol

*Ohmiya in the bridge is romantic,neeee*////*

Link: MEGA
Decryption key:
(will be closed after one week, due to authorization of the ent label.)
Pass: full name of Sexy Zone's youngest member (all in small letter, without space, 27 characters)

Okay~! Time to sleep lololol
*forgive me God, it's only for tonight*

ps: maybe you're feel odd on its post name, but it's only because I had to protect this from fandom strict rules lol *so far enough with sz fandom, right?**ofcourse* 😂

[Concert] Welcome to Sexy Zone Tour 2016 + Documentary

Hello everyone~!
Sorry to update this so lately from release day.
Well~~~ happy welcome to sexy zone tour dvd release day!!
I really double triple HAPPY TO SEE THIS CONCERT. Why? Because it's first time jr didn't appear to much in SZ concert. Well, it's not mean that I hate jrs, but this is SZ concert after all so why it must bunch of jrs appeared in, moreover lot than MariSo *in the past con, though*, but the era has changed, I really happy that SZ is held by Julie side now. It much better better and better.
It's like you see Julie's side JE groups concert here. And, I want to spoil you what part that makes me crying, Here:

That message appeared in the end of the con, before the encore. That message written here is
"Minna to gonin no egao ga saki tsuzukemasu you ni", that means "Hope we as 5 members, and all of your smile will be always alive"
AHHH That's "5", makes me.. even I can't express it well.
Sorry for blabbering, I just very happy with dunno why X'DD
And back to the topic, I want to share the video one. RAW, Haha.

1. Welcome to Sexy Zone Tour 2016 (Concert)

(will be closed after one week, due to authorization of the ent label.)

2. Documentary of Welcome to Sexy Zone Tour 2016


"Ladies and Gentleman, please Enjoy the show~"
*and don't forget to add comments before taking this. Thank you!

[Hardsub] Nakajima Kento - That Closet is Scary (Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi 2016)

Hello, meet with me again. I'm sorry for late update, because there's bunch thingies I should deal in the real life so...please forgive me, Kento (hahahaha what I'm talking about).

I'm only sub the Kento's part, since it's hard for me sub the horror one lol *if you see me subbing this, I subbed this by covers my eyes because I worried how if the spirit will suddenly come in?? HAHAHAHA.

Well, here's the preview:

It's hardsubbed one, because I worried if the sub won't match the raw.

[English Subbed] Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo Ep 05 (END)

Hello, maybe this is my last update for this month, before Kento's Honkowa in August 20th.
I tell you, the last episode of this drama is really really sad. I tell this seriously.
You must prepare bunch of tissues before watch this, or your laptop will be wet by your tears www

Shouhei why you leave Mihane LOL

done, thank you tinypic *slap

Softsub (.ssa): MEGA
RAW Video (.mp4, 363 MB): MEGA

In the end of this drama, I want to say thank you specially for hyuuzu6918 who help me with did the correct english phrase,
all of Sexy Zone Fansclub Indonesia who did the support project since before this drama started,
and all of Tokikake fans who always support and watch this drama till the last episode.

Thank you Kikuchi Fuma and Kuroshima Yuina, you make my life sad happier. LOL
Congratulations for it success!!

[English Subbed] Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo Ep 03

Hello~ Meet with me again~ I updated english sub of Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo.
I'm very happy because I can see FUMAKO here!!!
Just spoiler, Shouhei will be roled as Julio (the male version of Juliet*?*) in his class's theatrical stage X'D
This episode is very fun, I recommend you to watch this lols

RAW (.mp4):

English Sub (.ssa):